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mystical psychedelic
Forest Nymph
Forest Nymph Mood
Batcountry Mood
AW16 Mood

I started making these images as a reaction to my learning through working at various top magazines that as a young stylist starting out you will not be allowed to use top end brand garments. Even within the world of magazines there is a hierarchy where you may not be the first choice magazine to receive a look. 


Furthermore, many of the brands you see on those pages can pay for you to see them. They will be contracted not to be seen with anyone else. Younger, less monied designers are getting sidelined. This is all understandable but not fair or progressive. 


Using the digital medium I have produced my own 2D editorials I call digital styling as I have created the looks by selecting pieces and 'dressing' the models. 

The backgrounds contain my favourite recent art or emerging talents giving them a platform too.

We cannot allow the arts to become saturated with those who can afford to do it over those who are capable and talented. 

I consider this a concomitance of the most striking contemporary pieces in each discipline with all parts augmenting each other.

* I do not claim to own the images used all sources credited- The arrangement of the images is my own.


Please get in touch if you'd like to collab / use my work!

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